Game jams and prototypes

Most of these were made during Ludum Dare game jam

Dungeon crawler prototype 5 (Graphics) Nuclear Blaze LD (48h jam) The building is on fiiire... fiiiire 3 (Graphics) 10 (Overall) Fort Loop Looping castle 1 (My kid loves it) Petit Tracteur Bleu Little tractor adventures 1 (Top selection) Dumber Dwarves Uncontrolled dungeon crawling “Game feel” prototype 2019 ENJMIN talk 1 (Fun) 5 (Overall) Sabotage Colonel Hubert on duty! 6 (Theme) Save & Sacrifice For the greater good! Blossom Plant and run. Nightclub Showdown John Wick in slow mo Cats are assholes Feed me, hooman! 4 (Graphics) 6 (Overall) Zero Volt X Distribute pow... OH FUCK FUCK FUCK Castle of Deception Cheat the game Lost in pandation Zootopiesque survival 5 (Graphics) Sub Dragon Snakish Shooter 3 (Graphics) Full Metal Democracy Lethal democracy 2 (Overall) 9 (Fun) 9 (Graphics) 9 (Sound) Delicious Cortex Eat some brains 1 (Graphics) 2 (Overall) 7 (Mood) Badass Inc Unconventional murder 3 (Overall) 8 (Graphics) Law Breaker All GTA in one screen Refugees Survive the war 2 (Overall) 3 (Graphics) 4 (Fun) Chipset-0 Do the robot! 5 (Graphics) Beneath the City Turn based infiltration Purpose A puzzle platformer 1 (Fun) 3 (Overall) Proletarian Ninja X Kill everyone in 10 seconds 1 (Top selection) Corporate Soccer 2 4-players football platformer 3 (Graphics) Minnie & Malism: Budget squad! Underwater shoot-em-up 1 (Overall) 1 (Graphics) 1 (Fun) Atomic Creep Spawner! Defend your dungeon! 1 (Fun) 2 (Graphics) 4 (Overall) Strike of rage! Beat colleagues to a pulp 1 (Mood) 1 (Graphics) 2 (Overall) Memento XII Jail Point'n'click 1 (Graphics) 3 (Overall) 7 (Mood) Last Breath Fight against yourself 4 (Graphics) A tale about life, death and a loser Weird point'n'click 1 (Overall) 1 (Graphics) 10 (Fun) Appy 1000mg Be appy, take drugs 1 (Overall) 1 (Fun) 1 (Theme) 1 (Humor) Time Pigmy Discover everything! Boulder Slach An "Atomix" clone See more
Motion Twin

Games I’ve worked on or created during my 18 years at Motion Twin

Atari ST

Oh boy, I’m this old.
Please note that this listing is only for my personal memories. Most of these old projects are either unfinished or broken in some way.