Space Crime
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Atari ST

Space Crime is probably one of my longest project. I’ve spent a few years slowly making it real, even though it was never finished: some area will crash if you try to visit them (Undefined statement was the Omikron language error to say “hey, you shouldn’t be there yet”).

You are a private investigator hired to solve the murder of Peter Falk (I was very good at finding original names as a kid) who was shot right in front of his own cabin in a space station.

To find the solution, you could explore to the whole ship, including all cabins, in a classic point & click approach. You could also interrogate all the crew members by asking questions or showing them items found during your searches. This could sometimes lead to some interesting clues.

Whenever you thought you were ready, you could charge anyone for the murder: you’d then be asked a dozen questions to make sure you actually understood the plot and found all the clues. If your answers were all exacts, you won, if not, game over. This approach was inspired by a few adventure games that had a similar approach: Mortville Manor, Maupiti Island and Cruise for a corpse.

The game also featured 4 different endings : a good one, a failure and 2 variants on these ones, based on who was elected as the new captain of the space station.

Ingame screenshots

Various game assets

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