My name is Sébastien Bénard,
I’m an indie game developer.

Deepnight Games

Deepnight Games is the company I founded after leaving Motion Twin (learn more).

My goal is obviously to create cool games, but also release and support dedicated tools to help other game devs out there. As of today, the two most important ones being LDtk, a powerful 2D level editor, and GameBase, a tiny framework to create games in Haxe language.

About me

I’ve been making games since I was 7 or 8 years old, thanks to my big brother who, one day, taught me how to use ST Basic. After a few years, I switched to Omikron basic, then Turbo Pascal, C, and later, Flash. I’m now using Haxe to build WebGL things.

I worked at Motion Twin, a cooperative company for about 18 years, and I was the lead on Dead Cells. I left the company in late 2019.

I participated to lots of game jams (mostly Ludum Dare) since ~2010.

I’m now a full-time indie dev :)