My name is Sébastien Bénard,
I’m an indie game developer.

Deepnight Games

Deepnight Games is a “one-man” studio founded by Sébastien Benard, former Motion Twin associate, and lead dev and game-designer on Dead Cells.

I’ve been making games since I was a kid, back in the Atari ST days, and Deepnight Games is a new opportunity for me to create ambitious 2D titles while keeping the signature quality of my previous games: unique game mechanics combined with highly polished game-feel.

My goal is obviously to create cool games, but also release and support dedicated tools to help other game devs out there: LDtk, a powerful 2D level editor, and GameBase, a tiny framework to create games in Haxe language.

About me

I’ve been making games since I was 7 or 8 years old, thanks to my big brother who, one day, taught me how to use ST Basic. After a few years, I switched to Omikron basic, then Turbo Pascal, C, and later, Flash. I’m now using Haxe to build WebGL things.

I worked at Motion Twin, a cooperative company for about 18 years, and I was the lead on Dead Cells. I left the company in late 2019.

I participated to lots of game jams (mostly Ludum Dare) since ~2010.

I’m now a full-time indie dev :)