Uppercup Football
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One day, we decided to create a soccer game because we didn’t like soccer. That’s how Uppercup Football was born ; in the true spirit of a “Fuck this jam” approach.

So basically, it’s a “ridiculous football” game: you have terrible & chaotic controls, absolutely no rules and all sorts of crazy ideas in it. Sometimes you’ll play with an oval rugby ball, sometimes landmines will be planted everywhere, and sometimes the opposite team goal will be twice smaller and not even in the middle of the field.

The game is an extended version of a Flash game we’ve created on the Arkadeo website, Fafi 360. For obvious legal reasons, we decided to change its name to Uppercup Football, because it sounded cool, event if it was add absolutely no meaning for English speaking people.

We made this port for a very quick mobile-market test, as we were thinking about leaving the browser-based market. The game had a decent success for such a title, but the “Freemium” model proved to be very weak, if you compared it to Free-to-play approaches on mobile.

So after this one, we started working on Monster Hotel. And that’s how we hated making mobile games.


Intro (French): “Baba..baba… Le ballon !”
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