Monster Hotel
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This game is a sequel to CroqueMotel and was specifically designed to be a “safe” first title for the mobile market, as Motion Twin was transitioning from the browser-based market.

To me, it was a reality check for what making a free-to-play on mobile was really all about. Nightmare.

We’ve spent most of our development working on “mandatory” social features such as daily quests, sharing mechanics, ARPU optimizations (Average Revenue Per User) and other dumb stuff.

The remaining time was split between actual gameplay coding and UI/UX (interface), the second being actually quite interesting.

The game wasn’t a hit, nor a big failure. It had potential, which means, in “mobile game industry standards”, a good reason to be iterated for months until you get the right ARPU.

So we decided to rage quit all this shit. It was a huge turning point for Motion Twin: the company was in a very bad shape, as we knew that we would probably be in the red zone the following year. Basically, we were running out of money.

We decided to give up the mobile platform & the browser-based gaming to try to make our first PC/Steam title: Dead Cells.


Intro (long version)
Radio 1 ambiant loop
Radio 2 ambiant loop
Radio 3 ambiant loop

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  1. Tess:

    I loved this game, it still haunts my memory eh

    February 22, 2024 at 22:09