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Hordes (Die2nite in english version) was a browser game about survival, unity & treachery.

40 players are regrouped in towns in the middle of nowhere, in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies & dust. They try to scavenge resources, build defenses and everyday at Midnight (real time), the town is attacked by armies of undeads. Killed players leave the game forever, and the survivors have to rinse & repeat.

But there’s a trick: the last survivor is the only one to get a reward… Think of it as a Battle Royale where you can’t survive alone.

One early idea that was never implemented: having special enemies (ie. bosses) attacking the city on specific nights.

When Hordes was released, we were pretty sure it would be a major failure. The game was fully text-based, forum-based, and heavily roleplay-based. But for some obscure reason, it actually became one of Motion Twin greatest release ever, along with DinoRPG. It won a few awards and was even the first browser-game being reviewed in one the largest video game magazine in France by this time: it was rated 16/20.

Years later, we tried to work on a spiritual sequel to Hordes, called Hordes Zero, which actually became Dead Cells at some point.

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  1. fdamned26:

    Thanks for making such a great and exceptional community based game.

    How hard would it be to port the external Hordes map to HTML5 ?
    so that it could be played when Flash dies.

    I was thinking static arrows for navigation and so on.

    How hard would it be to port the explorable ruin map to HTML5 ?

    Most of us in the community are willing to donate money or gofundme campaign
    for this game to survive.

    Some of us are HaXe or JavaScript developers who would like
    to maintain the platform to keep it alive, if it was open sourced or similar.

    We have tried really hard to reach people at Motion Twin,
    but all of our messages, inlcuding tweets or facebook messages
    were left unanswered.

    You can reach us here:

    February 12, 2020 at 03:56