Brutal Teenage Crisis
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The idea of this game was to make a very fast-paced action game but with minimal & simple controls, as it was targeted at a very casual audience.

Your goal is simple: prevent enemies from reaching the top of the screen. If they do, you lose 1 life, and if you run out of lives, game over.

You only have Arrow keys to move around, and all your attacks are automatic: if you touch a mob, you attack it.

Enemies wander around, starting at the bottom of the screen and, sometimes, decide to climb ladders to reach higher platforms. Some enemies are “clever” and will try to climb everytime they have the opportunity to do so. Some enemies will explode on death, killing some of their friends too.

The game is all about anticipating movements and keeping an eye on opportunities. The result was really cool and you really felt powerful even if you couldn’t actually attack manually.

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  1. Evian:

    Kinda a prototype of Dead Cells ! :)

    May 24, 2020 at 12:29