Charlotte's Quest
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This game is about a girl who’s having a bad dream. Riding her unicorn balloon, she flies through carnivorous plants firing bullets at you, large eyes crossing the screen, and other floating monstrosities.

The game was designed as a modern take on the legendary shoot-em-up Blood Money on Atari ST, which I absolutely loved.

The game was procedurally generated (in pretty much the same way we later generated Dead Cells levels) and featured multi-directional scrolling, forcing you to pay attention to enemies coming from every corners of the screen.

I also kept a very good risk/reward mechanic from the original title in the form of falling money coins. Everytime you killed enemies, you were rewarded by coins falling to the bottom the screen. If it left the screen, you would lose it. So the idea was to stay close from enemies (or better, beneath them), as you killed them, but it was of course also a very risky move. I really dug this mechanic.

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