Block 1 & 2
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Atari ST

Block 1 and 2 are quite strange games, even for me. Let’s try to explain how they play.

In these titles, you move horizontally some sort of ship, trying to catch falling blocks. If you touch one of them, the block stops falling, floating in mid air forever. Blocks stack on the beneath ground or on already stopped blocks. After a few seconds you’ll get a level looking like some sort of weird coral structure.

Blocks fall and stack on the ground and on other blocks.

After a certain number of blocks felt, you can switch to the second phase.

In this phase, you can fly around freely, only stopped by existing “walls”. Your goal is to reach an item dropped randomly somewhere, and that’s it.

The next level goes exactly the same: falling blocks, until X have fallen, reach the item, done. The “fallen blocks” requirement only goes higher.

This game is weird because it’s barely fun or even remotely tactical or anything to play. I remember that, to me, it was still interesting from a developer perspective because the actual level was totally procedural and not manually level designed. And that’s something I was, and still am, very passionate about.

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