Burning Kiwi
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A top-down racing game heavily inspired by the cult classics Micro Machines V3 and Super Sprint.

The project proved to be a big challenge to me as many aspects of the game were first time experience for me:

  • Opponents AI: they “tried” their best to be a challenge for the player, while being easy enough for newcomers.
  • Driving physics: it was a total mess, but still, it worked pretty nicely.
  • Lots of menus and UI elements


Menu music
Race track 1
Race track 2
Race track 3
Race track 4
Race track 5

Intro video

Ingame screenshots

Raw game assets

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  1. Sykka:

    Une petite partie avant la fin de flash ferait bien plaisir depuis tout ce temps! Toute mon enfance.

    April 12, 2020 at 21:16