Dark Dungeon 2 & 3
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Atari ST

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dungeon Master. One day, as a kid, I actually had an idea on how to implement this kind of fake 3D first-person view using a very simple approach.

I’m not sure anymore about Dark Dungeon 1 (might be a old unfinished prototype lost in some forgotten memories), but the 2nd one was a quite complete game. At least, as complete as I could achieve by this time: it would still crash often if you ever tried to use some unimplemented feature.

It had exploration, combat and very basic spell casting. The main issue is the level-design which was definitely too labyrinthic.

It even had an cinematic introduction, which I’m still proud of :)

Please note that some visual elements from this game were ripped from Legends of Valour, a great pre-Elder Scrolls RPG on Atari ST.

Dark Dungeon 3 was an experimental engine update more than anything else.

The new “engine” allowed multiple wall types, more complex layouts. Then render view was much smaller for production time reasons: drawing the walls was pain-in-the-ass long

This prototype worked nicely and in term of rendering, it was capable of much more than Dark Dungeon 2, but it never reached the “fully playable” state.

I was already too bored to re-implement every gameplay mechanics from Dark Dungeon 2 into this new version.

Dark Dungeon 2

Dark Dungeon 3

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