Thorm 2
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Atari ST

Every time I meet someone who wants to create its first video game, I always recommend one thing: don’t be too ambitious, create something small.

Thorm 2 was like me don’t giving a fuck about this advice.

The scope was huge for a young kid making its games at home from its bedroom. A vast RPG, which stood as a sequel to Thorm, with 3 distinct fully explorable islands, every building could be visited, tons of lore & texts to read, hidden treasures and optional mysteries to solve. Oh god.

I was deeply inspired by Ishar 2 : Messengers of Doom, a Dungeon Master like on Atari ST with a strong lore and astonishing environments to explore.

Of course, I never finished making Thorm 2, but the first island (“Wood Island“) was still almost complete. The only lacking major feature was the combat, which I was never able to design properly.

Mockup and sprites of the never released combat system in Thorm 2.

By this time, I really loved to write things. Please note I don’t mean I was good at it, but I liked it. Thorm 2 is packed with books to read, legends, fancy descriptions etc. This aspect was definitely driving me on this project.

My main issue with this game was the way I displayed the world: a top-down view of only the current map “cell” you’re in. Which is like a single house, or a fragment of a road. It made my development easier as I didn’t have to render the surroundings and, by this time, it sounded like a clever idea to me… But it was terrible to play.

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