Anarchipel (canceled)
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Anarchipel, previously codenamed Piraaates (with 3 “A”), was a web-based pirate management game.

You could hire your crew, setup a ship and go explore a vast world to discover new places, fight enemies and plunder isolated villages.

The world in itself was a large grid mostly composed of empty ocean blocks cells plus a bunch of small islands. Each island could be “visited” through various text and image based descriptions, and locations could offer various actions to the player (eg. refill water at a Well, or buy stuff in a Shop).

The game was canceled after a quite long period of time, mostly because of a lack of actual clear game design.

For many years after that, Anarchipel became a synonym for some traumatic experience of a failed project. Truth is, the concept had some great potential but we didn’t manage to turn it into an actual game.

Ingame locations

Combat backgrounds

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  1. Mr Arcage:

    I gotta say i wish i could play it it seems so interesting!!

    March 23, 2022 at 01:09