Atomic Creep Spawner!
December 14, 2012
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How to play

Use bottom bar to summon creatures
Summoning uses ANGER (bottom left)
Anger regens when the hero kill your minions.
Hero remaining life is in bottom right corner
toggle music

This game was created in 48h for the Ludum Dare 25. The theme was “You are the villain“.

A hero wants to steal your money, destroy your doors, and probably, VANDALIZE EVERYTHING in your brand new dungeon. Yes, he does that, so you hate him, he hates you, YOU WANT HIM DEAD.

Invoke minions before he rampages everything in your dungeon!

Protect your precious ORBS OF TRUE EVILNESS!

Source code | Official LD page | Timelapse

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  1. Cole:

    i was just wondering what you would do when flash is disabled

    November 12, 2020 at 17:20