Galaxy 55
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Galaxy 55 was some kind of Minecraft-ish exploration game where you could fly through space in your customizable ship and land on mysterious (procedural) planets to gather resources.

It featured a quite funny crafting system: you could stack cubes in the game world, just like recipe patterns in Minecraft, but in 3D. The world was also rendered as a fake sphere, giving landscapes a nice “walking on a small moon” feeling.

The alpha 3 announcement video

This game was canceled during its beta phase. By the time it was designed, the Minecraft adventure mode was still not released and it felt there was still room for something fresh in this crowded place. But as Mojang finally pushed its mode live, it was clear that the main added value of our game was not relevant anymore, and we didn’t want to just make another Minecraft clone.

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  1. TheToto:

    I miss this game sooo much <3

    March 31, 2020 at 01:29
  2. A fan:

    My favourite game from Motion Twin, i wish the company finished the game, or at least kept it online so players can enjoy it.
    I think it is not another Minecraft. It has a lot of innovative features. (space ship, 3D crafting, planets, trade …)

    February 14, 2020 at 19:35