Appy 1000mg

NOTE: this Flash game can no longer run on your browser. You need a Flash Player which isn't available anymore.

As an alternative, here is a downloadable version which will run on Windows.

Appy 1000mg
May 29, 2011
May 29, 2011
“It’s Dangerous to go Alone! Take this!”
1st (Overall) 1st (Graphics) 10rd (Fun)

How to play

move and jump
Maintain UP arrow to use jetpack (when you find it)

I really enjoyed doing this one, even if I got lost completely on the first day, wandering between ideas. Finally, a friend of mine pointed out a detail which unlocked everything.

I didn’t have time to add sounds, so I highly suggest to play an ambient music of yours. I personally recommend the Myst Exile soundtrack.

Thank you Benjamin.

About this version (extended)

I fixed many little problems in this version and added an item which was planned to be released in the first version : the dig-cannon. Use this item to dig the walls :) This item is hidden… somewhere.

I also rewrote some parts for better ambient.

Also added some places to discover ingame (using the cannon) and an alternative ending.

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  1. Yannicka:

    Have you tried Ruffle <; to run the game without Flash Player?

    I integrated it on one of my old projects and it worked the first time!

    August 23, 2023 at 13:41