1. The Pirate Bay Bundle is available! ♥ 2


    One of my games, A tale about life, death and a looser, is now available for download in the Pirate Bay Bundle, thanks to Steve Cook!

    He spent a few months putting this huge bundle together and the result is one hundred games available for free, in agreement with the authors of course, packaged to be easy to play. He focused on giving small, weird and little known titles a little love.

    Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oiq0rH9_SI

    Download it here: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9849549

    Share the love!


  2. So you need to download Photoshop CS3/4, huh? ♥ 8


    A little bit of history

    I’ve been using Photoshop professionally for years. Of course, I had a legit license at Motion Twin, but I also used a copy of this soft at home illegally. I never bought it for myself.

    In 2009, I decided that it was fair to pay for a soft I used on regular basis. So I invested one month of salary in Photoshop CS4, simply because it deserved it, in my opinion.

    It was nice, everything worked perfectly, happy days, and all.


  3. PPPaint! ♥ 13


    PPPaint (aka Pixel Perfect Painter) is a new project I’m working on at home. It’s a pixel art drawing tool that will have some nice features (see below). Note that it still is a Work in Progress: most interface elements are only placeholders and many things still have to be implemented.

    You can try the prototype now, if you dare, no load nor save yet. Comments are more than welcome :)

    • PPPencil — left click to paint, right click to pick color (this tool allows you to paint pixel perfect curves on the fly)
    • Brush — left click to paint, right click to pick color (this is the classic Brush)
    • Lines — left click and drag to draw a single line, left click (short) to draw multilines, right click to pick color
    • Selection — left click and drag to draw a selection, then left click again to paint with this selection, right click to cancel
    • CTRL-Z / CTRL-Y : undo / redo


    • a huge focus on ergonomics: making drawing a pleasure is a top priority here. This means particles effects, many keyboard shortcuts, best use of left/right clicks and other tricks.
    • a tool designed only for pixel art: the PPPencil (Pixel Perfect Pencil). See an explanation here.
    • some long forgotten tools and ideas from Neochrome (Atari) and Deluxe Paint (Atari/Amiga), like the permanent magnifying glass.
    • a combo system that allows you to save your [current tool + settings + color] in a shortcut (0-9), just like in Starcraft. You can recall this combo later by just pressing the corresponding number.
    • you can copy your current selection in one buffer among 10, and recall it at any moment, easily.
    • you can paint with your selection
    • 2D grids, iso grids, seemless tile preview, plus many many other things…

    Most of these are still on ToDo. But the idea here is to create something that is just super fast to use and 100% dedicated to pixel art.

  4. Pixel perfect drawing ♥ 13

    Based on an idea by Carduus, I’ve made a small prototype of a pixel perfect drawing algorithm.

    With Photoshop or similar tool, when you paint using the Brush/Pencil tool, you get this kind of ugly line:


    Here what can be done with some tricks:


    Here is a demo (maintain left click to paint). It lacks support for some special cases like drawing a line that crosses itself, but you get the idea.

    Maybe it would be a nice idea to create a pixel painting software based on this? What do you think?


  5. ANAmap ♥ 5

    My tabletop RPG map editor is now known as ANAmap!


    ANA stands for Anaximander, a greek guy known for creating one of the first world-map.

    Current version is 7.1 and features:

    • easy to use and ergonomic interface
    • available on any browser without any installation (requires Flash 11.2+)
    • beautiful maps without any effort
    • can be saved to JSON or PNG, and printed directly from the app
    • many generic assets to fit all your needs
    • text labels
    • available in English and French

    If you use it, please leave a comment :)

  6. RPG map editor v0.4 ♥ 2


    This new version comes with a LOT of changes! I really hope you will enjoy it.

    • Brand new interface! The look is different, and it’s also much easier to maintain for me. I’ve rewritten a super simple and minimal UI system in Haxe.
    • New file format: goodbye XML, hello JSON. It’s slightly lighter, and much more maintainable too. Don’t worry, if you load an old XML, it will still work. Saving will create a JSON format though. Should be totally transparent.
    • New ergonomy: please read the help inside the app! It should be easy to get used to, and I believe everything is much easier to do with this new control scheme. Tell me what you think!
    • Rectangular painting: you can now use SHIFT-Left click to quickly paint or remove a room!
    • Cancel: you can now cancel almost anything using CTRL-Z :)
    • Many minor changes and optimizations: I’ve re-written many components to keep this project maintainable.
  7. “Purpose” (LD 28) post-mortem ♥ 1


    If you haven’t tried it yet, please do it so first! And also, don’t forget to rate it :)

    I couldn’t participate to the LD28 this time: many personal obligations and an urgent need to have a break. Luckily, I found a few hours on Monday to work on a small idea my wife & me discussed. And there it was: “Purpose”. Even though the time frame was really short, I think it’s still possible to write a small post-mortem out of it.

    What went right

    • 7h to code, 48h to think about it: while I couldn’t technically code during this weekend, I actually had a full weekend to think about the concept and elaborate upon my first idea. I made lots of level design in my head, talked about it with my wife, exchange ideas etc. So when I started to code, on Monday evening, I already knew what to do.
    • Art & efficiency: I knew that, because of the short time available, I had to be as efficient & minimalistic as possible on this game. This meant: lots of filters (glows), no-limit on particles, and no texture. The black shapes for the walls were more a consequence than a real artistic choice. I kept focused on doing the most with the least.
    • The texts: I felt comfortable writing the few lines you can read in-game and I’m pretty happy with the resulting mood :)

    What went wrong

    • Level design flaws: the gameplay seemed good at first, but it had many major flaws I only discovered while creating real levels. For example, you can stack the 3 characters and by making each one jump, you can easily reach many high spots. That’s the main reason I couldn’t finish the game: I was unable to create really difficult and interesting levels and it was too late to add interesting elements to fix that.
    • Platform physics: it requires quite a long time to perfectly tune the controls on a platformer. I didn’t have this luxury, so they are a bit odd in Purpose.
    • The stress: making a game in such a short time is nice to talk about after the fact, but it’s an awful amount of stress during it. Every simple bug becomes a very very unpleasant and difficult situation. I probably won’t do that again.
    • Fatigue: the weekend before was a long one. Coding after it was not that pleasant. I almost felt asleep a few times and had to take a few coffees during the night :)
    • No sound: no time at all for that. I wish I could create music one day! “Purpose” really lacks a moody track.
  8. No Ludum Dare this time. Probably. ♥ 4

    Unfortunately, I won’t participate the next Ludum Dare. It really makes me sad, because I really love the sensation of making a game in such a short time, and I love the community gathered around this single idea.

    Anyway! If, by any chance, I find free time this weekend, I will post something! Be it a prototype or an unfinished concept, it doesn’t matter :)

    I wish everyone the best: please make great games!

  9. Bresenham magic: raycasting, line of sight… ♥ 5


    Bresenham is a quite common algorithm I actually discovered only a few months ago. And it proved to be incredibly useful for many purposes.

    This algorithm is basically used to draw a line between 2 points in a grid based space (ie. pixels). The result is a pixel perfect line, which is cool.

    But this algorithm has also many other interesting usages:

    • line of sight
    • pathfinding optimization
    • pathfinding smoothing
    • field of vision (cone)
    • lighting


  10. Goodbye Blogger, hello WordPress ♥ 8

    Wordpress_Blue_logoThis blog was migrated from Blogger to WordPress.

    I known, it’s not like anyone cares. But you might find some broken links: in such a case, it would be really cool to report them right here, in the comments :) The same goes for any oddity you could find on this site.

    Also, my website url is now just: deepnight.net (and not blog.deepnight.net anymore).