1. Badass Inc. post-mortem 8 | ♥ 10


    Badass Inc is my Ludum Dare 32 entry ; the theme was An unconventional weapon. There is usually 2 ways to deal with the theme: gameplay wise or through story telling. I opted for the second direction for this entry.

    You play a (badass) contract killer on her latest mission. She usually prefers a very direct approach. “Head-on, gun loaded, never give the target the time to realize what the hell is happening”, is her motto. But this time, her clients want her to kill the contract in a non-conventional way. Something original. So she decides to lock the victim up inside his own apartment and leave him to die from starvation.

    Badass Inc was mostly inspired by various video games:

    The art


    For a really long time, I wanted to spend more time on the art during Ludum Dare. Usually I only create minimal spritesheets for my games and compensate with loads of particle effects & 2D filters to glue everything together. On Badass Inc, I spent more than 4h on the main character, creating a decent walk animation & charadesign. The backgrounds occupied quite a huge time too, and working on them was a bit intimidating at first (so many things to do, so few time!)

    I took my inspiration from Deus Ex (did you recognize the golden spheres?), Future Wars and the Last Night.

    The animation


    I can really confess I’m super proud about the animations of my main character :) It took me 4h, but the result and the general feeling is really satisfying! I would never have tried such a risky character animation if I hadn’t experimented it a little bit on one of my previous game: Strike of Rage.

    The only problem here was the process: I designed the character, and only then, I created the walk animation. It really took me lots of time to adjust the animation because of all the details of the body. And when I had to create a second animated character, I couldn’t easily use the previous work as a base for its own walk animation.

    A much better process would have been to create a “skeleton” of the walk animation, tune it, then, and only then, skin it. I could have reused this skeleton for the second (or third) character. Sounds like an evidence, after wise, captain obvious. Next time, I’ll definitely do it better.

    The sound design


    I really didn’t have time to create the music I wanted for this game: one extra hour would have been great. Fortunately, Bosca Ceoil, from Terry Cavanagh, is really a great tool when it’s about creating a music quickly. The result was a bit repetitive to me and I had to greatly turn the sound down to make it fit in-game.

    The same goes for the sound fx: I quickly generated a few bleeps, pew-pews and bangs using LabChirp, and that was it.

    The story


    Just like the sound design, I didn’t have much time to implement a decent amount of content in the game. The result is a really short story and quite simplistic puzzles. It would be easy to fix this up, but given the 48h limit, I had to make choices and many story-elements were simply cut off.

    One idea that didn’t make it into the game was a a more open puzzle gameplay where you could actually choose your “unconventional” way to kill your target (like using a soap to make him fall from its balcony etc.).

    Anyway, if you still haven’t, please try Badass Inc and leave a comment below if you have any question :)


  2. Beneath the City released 3 |


    My Ludum Dare 29 (theme: Beneath the surface) is now available: Beneath the City. It’s a turn based stealth game where you play a young kid trying to rescue it’s sister from the Hammer Watch prisons.

    If you have ever played Thief, you will probably recognize a few things ;)

    The source code for this game is also available here. I don’t think it can be compiled (a few minor libs are probably missing) but that’s not the purpose of these sources.

  3. [French] Public hangout with NovaPlay 3 |


    On the occasion of Ludum Dare 29, I will participate with the studio Le Cortex to a public hangout. It will be in French, but feel free to come by and say hello :) You can learn everything about this event on the official Google+ page. The hangout will start tonight (April 24th) at 8pm, but you should be able to view the video of this event afterwards on YouTube.

    Edit: you can now view the replay on YouTube:

  4. Ludum Dare 29: I’m in! 0 | ♥ 2

    The long-awaited jam is finally here! Like almost every 4 months, I will participate the next Ludum Dare. My weapons won’t change much:

    • Haxe/Flash for the code (FlashDevelop as my IDE)
    • Photoshop for the art
    • LabChirp, Audacity, Chronolapse and probably SunVox and Bosca Ceoil.

    I will participate the compo (solo), but there will be many many other participants here at Motion Twin (like 13-14 people!). So we will certainly open a Twitch broadcast once again. Stay tuned on my channel :)


  5. The Pirate Bay Bundle is available! 4 | ♥ 3


    One of my games, A tale about life, death and a looser, is now available for download in the Pirate Bay Bundle, thanks to Steve Cook!

    He spent a few months putting this huge bundle together and the result is one hundred games available for free, in agreement with the authors of course, packaged to be easy to play. He focused on giving small, weird and little known titles a little love.

    Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oiq0rH9_SI

    Download it here: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9849549

    Share the love!


  6. So you need Photoshop CS3/4, huh? 8 | ♥ 9


    A little bit of history

    I’ve been using Photoshop professionally for years. Of course, I had a legit license at Motion Twin, but I also used a copy of this soft at home illegally. I never bought it for myself.

    In 2009, I decided that it was fair to pay for a soft I used on regular basis. So I invested one month of salary in Photoshop CS4, simply because it deserved it, in my opinion.

    It was nice, everything worked perfectly, happy days, and all.


  7. PPPaint! 13 | ♥ 14


    PPPaint (aka Pixel Perfect Painter) is a new project I’m working on at home. It’s a pixel art drawing tool that will have some nice features (see below). Note that it still is a Work in Progress: most interface elements are only placeholders and many things still have to be implemented.

    You can try the prototype now, if you dare, no load nor save yet. Comments are more than welcome :)

    • PPPencil — left click to paint, right click to pick color (this tool allows you to paint pixel perfect curves on the fly)
    • Brush — left click to paint, right click to pick color (this is the classic Brush)
    • Lines — left click and drag to draw a single line, left click (short) to draw multilines, right click to pick color
    • Selection — left click and drag to draw a selection, then left click again to paint with this selection, right click to cancel
    • CTRL-Z / CTRL-Y : undo / redo


    • a huge focus on ergonomics: making drawing a pleasure is a top priority here. This means particles effects, many keyboard shortcuts, best use of left/right clicks and other tricks.
    • a tool designed only for pixel art: the PPPencil (Pixel Perfect Pencil). See an explanation here.
    • some long forgotten tools and ideas from Neochrome (Atari) and Deluxe Paint (Atari/Amiga), like the permanent magnifying glass.
    • a combo system that allows you to save your [current tool + settings + color] in a shortcut (0-9), just like in Starcraft. You can recall this combo later by just pressing the corresponding number.
    • you can copy your current selection in one buffer among 10, and recall it at any moment, easily.
    • you can paint with your selection
    • 2D grids, iso grids, seemless tile preview, plus many many other things…

    Most of these are still on ToDo. But the idea here is to create something that is just super fast to use and 100% dedicated to pixel art.