Monster Hotel

This game is a sequel to CroqueMotel and was specifically designed to be a “safe” first title for the mobile […]

Teacher Story

Coming soon


A hotel management game where all clients are monster with stupid needs and dangerous behaviors.


For some reasons, Intrusion was a game I really loved, as much as it was a commercial failure. You are […]


Hordes (Die2nite in english version) was a browser game about survival, unity & treachery. 40 players are regrouped in towns […]


A turn-based RPG where you tame creatures and train them to fight other creatures. Not the most unique concept ever […]


Coming soon


CaféJeux was a multiplayer platform where you could compete on 1vs1 games against friends (or enemies). It was strongly community […]

HeroQuest (canceled)

Coming soon


Coming soon A 2D platformer inspired by Bubble Bobble featuring more than 200+ levels, and about 100 unique items. Soundtrack […]


A trading card game with hundreds of cards and lots of meta-game elements. I did a few card illustrations on […]

Anarchipel (canceled)

Coming soon