Dark Dungeon 2 & 3

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dungeon Master. One day, as a kid, I actually had an idea on […]

Thorm 2

Every time I meet someone who wants to create its first video game, I always recommend one thing: don’t be […]

OEM / ST Dos

When I was a kid, I wrote some very simple “OS” to run my Basic programs on Atari ST. By […]

Thorm 1

Thorm was an unfinished Zelda like game where you would explore a dungeon and solve puzzles.

Space Crime

Space Crime is probably one of my longest project. I’ve spent a few years slowly making it real, even though […]

City Road

City Road (sorry for my 10yrs old English) is born from the desire to create some sort of board game […]

Block 1 & 2

Block 1 and 2 are quite strange games, even for me. Let’s try to explain how they play. In these […]


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