Market study spreadsheet

Market Study is a Google Sheets document which allows you to get a rough estimate of sales and revenues of […]

Free time tracking tool

About This Google spreadsheet will help you to keep track of time spent on your projects: Single user oriented to […]


PPPaint (aka Pixel Perfect Painter) is a new project I’m working on at home. It’s a pixel art drawing tool […]

Pixel perfect drawing

EDIT: this was actually implemented in Aseprite :) Good news! See the discussion here. Based on an idea by Carduus, […]


My tabletop RPG map editor is now known as ANAmap! ANA stands for Anaximander, a greek guy known for creating […]

RPG map editor v0.4

This new version comes with a LOT of changes! I really hope you will enjoy it. Brand new interface! The […]

Tabletop RPG map editor (v0.3)

Another release with all major features implemented: save / load to disk (uncompressed XML format), export PNG image local auto-save […]

Tabletop RPG map editor (v0.2)

I’ve improved the map editor I’ve been working on this weekend (see previous post). Main changes: added generic assets (generic […]

Tabletop RPG map editor (v0.1)

For the last 20 years, I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs with friends on a very regular basis. I’ve spent a […]

Atomic Creep Spawner post-mortem

Now it’s time to talk a little bit more about ACS and how the dev went… …Here comes the traditional… […]