Badass Inc. post-mortem

Badass Inc is my Ludum Dare 32 entry ; the theme was An unconventional weapon. There is usually 2 ways […]

Beneath the city: the post-mortem

If you haven’t yet, I recommend you to play the game first. This article contains a few spoilers. This game […]

Beneath the City released

My Ludum Dare 29 (theme: Beneath the surface) is now available: Beneath the City. It’s a turn based stealth game […]

Ludum Dare 29 (Work in progress)

Update 1 It took me some time to figure out the right game idea. Finally got one this morning :) […]

Ludum Dare 29: I’m in!

The long-awaited jam is finally here! Like almost every 4 months, I will participate the next Ludum Dare. My weapons […]

“Purpose” (LD 28) post-mortem

If you haven’t tried it yet, please do it so first! And also, don’t forget to rate it :) I […]

No Ludum Dare this time. Probably.

  Unfortunately, I won’t participate the next Ludum Dare. It really makes me sad, because I really love the sensation […]

Proletarian Ninja X source code

You can download the source code here: Proletarian Ninja X (source code) You can also play the game here. Please […]

Post mortem of Proletarian Ninja X

What went wrong 3 games in a weekend. My first idea was to make a “Dungeon Master”-like game where the […]

LD27: Proletarian Ninja X

The year is 1930. You are the Proletarian Ninja X. You fight the great capitalism with murder and violence. Peace is for the weak.