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Thank you everybody for all the kind comments on my LD entry :)

This was my really first attempt at making a beat-em-up, and I did my best to be true to the models (Street of Rage & Double Dragon). I especially focused on the combat feedbacks, taking great ideas from Diablo 3 & Street Fighter 4 : slow motion, shakes, loads of particles…

Another thing I was really happy with were the character animations. You have to know : I can’t draw. I mean, really. I never learned and if you ask me to draw a human face, it will look like a childish drawing of the monster under my bed. I’m just really bad at it. Digital painting is another story: I see it more like a technical thing rather than an artistic approach. The pixel grid is my friend. So, trying to animate a human character to make it look cool and powerful was really a huge challenge to me.

A big problem in this Ludum Dare entry was the theme, Evolution. I first wanted to stick to something like Corporate Climber (an AdultSwim hosted game, no longer available), but with combat gameplay. But the timing was too short, and making a decent beat-em-up needed lots of details and attention. So I gave up most of the “evolution” related ideas (climbing hierarchy and unlocking special moves). Maybe I will add them back later?

Anyway! I took few hours to make an “extended” version of the game, including many fixes and small improvements:

  • difficulty balance
  • added checkpoints : when you die, you can restart at the beginning of the current level
  • intro (insert coins!)
  • outro!

[ Play extended version of the game ]

Depending on my motivation, I may add more things later on, like more levels, more enemies and a better soundtrack (thanks Bill Kiley for the offering!).

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