Make nice looking RPG maps easily.

RPG Map is a tabletop oriented map editor
with the keep it clean & simple philosophy in mind.


RPG Map is a tool I’ve built to make maps for my tabletop RPG sessions, with my friends. It’s born from the fact that most existing tools were either looking bad or were simply overly complex to use.

My approach is to make an easy to use tool to create beautiful maps quickly.

You can still access the old Flash-based version (source code available on GitHub)

From 2013 to 2020, the “Cthulhu manor” demo map shows the evolutions of RPG Map

Commercial use

RPG Map II is completely free to use. All the content you create with it can be used any way you want, including in commercial products.


  • Full HTML5 support, Windows version on
  • Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds exports
  • Import your own images or icons
  • Fully customizable colors
  • Import maps generated by One Page Dungeon (from Watabou)
  • Support for special walls, such as caverns, diagonals, etc.
  • Ground textures
  • Ray-casted lighting & fog
  • Multiple skins and many customizable colors
  • Texts, numbered elements with automatic legend block generation, text bubbles…
  • Icons
  • Enemies
  • User friendly UI
  • Pay what you want, including free!

Maps created using the app

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  1. Mike T. Dog:

    This app is perfect for dungeon maps and is nice for world-level map. They go well together :)

    June 23, 2019 at 04:38
  2. Newp:

    Awesome tool! Thank you for creating and sharing this, I've been having a lot of fun with it. Only ask I have is if there's some way to join furniture together at bends? It'd add a lot of creative freedom in using it to represent more complex objects (or even just an L-shaped desk).

    June 22, 2019 at 17:54
  3. Niroh:

    I thought the program was great, and I was making a lot of progress in making a new dungeon for my players, but I ran into a re-occurring issue that it would cause my entire computer to freeze. Over the course of the day, I had to reset my computer at least 3 times, and lost a couple hours worth of work in total, probably.

    June 22, 2019 at 17:46
  4. Viniziello:

    Oh man! o really wish i could donate to this project, 'cause tis is simply awesome… helped me a loooot. too bad dollars are way too much when converting to my money -.-

    June 22, 2019 at 17:04
  5. SeedHolt:

    Wilfrey, you should use Rolistik for this "fog of war" you want

    June 21, 2019 at 23:08
  6. Victor:

    There's a lighting issue when two lights overlap which is difficult to describe. Here's a picture of it: There's a sharp cutoff around differently colored lights when blending with others, and it looks rather odd. Anyways, the tool is getting better so rapidly, it's amazing. I'm hoping for a grayer, more sci-fi focused map style soon, and maybe selectable furniture colors. It'd also be nice if the map's ambient light levels could be manually painted per tile, so I could have pitch-black dungeon areas in my horror maps and blinding sunlight in other zones without spamming ugly point lights.

    June 20, 2019 at 06:48
    • Sébastien Bénard:

      Hi! Yes I'm aware my light algorithm has some issues when mixing colors. I'll try to fix that in a future update :) Thanks for all the suggestions!

      June 20, 2019 at 09:56
  7. JuanDM:

    Amazing , I am so happy you made a windows version! I have been frustrated with just about every map tool I have tried over the last year. This is the one I keep coming back to. Happy to see that this will be making its way to githib.:D WELL DONE!

    June 18, 2019 at 04:45
  8. huehuebr:


    June 18, 2019 at 00:09
  9. Wilfrey:

    It'd be an absolute godsend if you could implement a way to layer information onto the map, to have the ability to send your players an image copy of the map with only details you want them to see added. Something like Fog of War to obscure the rooms they haven't entered without having to manually delete or replace everything on the file itself, which is what I've been doing as of now. This is becoming my tool of choice for simple and quick map making solutions, though as of now we're left with the choice to either show the players everything on the map, or edit things out post-creation, which is immensely time consuming and usually ugly as well.

    June 17, 2019 at 07:04
  10. Patrick:

    How do you remove lights? Im pulling my hair out.

    June 11, 2019 at 10:44
    • Sébastien Bénard:

      Using the Light tool, just click on an existing light (clicking on its center) and select REMOVE.

      June 11, 2019 at 11:09
  11. Isaias C:

    I agree with Robert below me, It'd be super awesome if we could import our own images into this rather than finishing it up in another program. The lighting would look super impressive with imported images with transparency. Thank you for such a great tool either way! :D

    June 7, 2019 at 05:30
  12. Robert Downing:

    Can you have something where we can upload an image onto a variable size shape? Like the furniture but we can upload an image there. I’m asking this cause I’d like to make spike walls and other features and not just tell my players that those blocks are spikes. I feel you could do quite a lot with this feature as a DM and it’d make this map creator even better.

    June 5, 2019 at 00:26
  13. Bartasso:

    I seem to have a problem with exporting stuff to png i jpg. Every file that should be converted comes up as a "file" no extention given, so I can't open it in photoshop or print it.

    June 4, 2019 at 13:27
  14. ケイコ:

    A map theme that looked like this, with RGB lighting, would be perfect for virtually all of my needs.
    It's just an ANAmap export, with wall areas painted over with black, and then gaussian blurred, with a light layer set to multiply, but it's so simple and clean that I can use it for everything from sci-fi to fantasy. I could/would donate maybe ten, twenty dollars, so that this tool could fill my use cases. The important part is that darkness is the map standard, so that the lighting contrasts much better. I think it would help make other map themes look nicer, too.

    June 3, 2019 at 03:36
  15. SamuraiOwl:

    Whoa! This is really cool. I love it. I wish there was a mobile version, though otherwise this app / website is really really really really (really really really really) really really cool!

    May 31, 2019 at 15:40
  16. Luingar:

    Load Button doesn't seem to work

    May 30, 2019 at 00:54
  17. ケイコ:

    Ah, I have remembered one more feature I badly need. I want to dictate large exposed areas as shaded from the sun with either minimal or no ambient light. Natural light sources are nice but they do not work well when I need a large area to be well-lit and a similarly large area to be dark or nearly pitch-black.

    Thank you for this tool regardless. I have a feeling it will become my primary map tool.

    May 29, 2019 at 22:23
  18. ケイコ:

    It's amazing to see you working on something like this, and just as I needed it, no less. The lighting is amazing, it's everything I ever wanted (but had to do in before)!

    If it isn't too much trouble, can I ask for full RGB lighting support to be prioritized, and maybe a skin with darker, grayscale walls and slightly more muted colors? The parchment and blueprint skins are rather garish for what I'm using ANAmap for, and I would prefer the walls to be black without having to forfeit lighting.

    May 29, 2019 at 21:14
  19. Abc Koenig:

    Thank you very much for all your work on this. I like the improvements of the new version immensely. I would like to submit for concern, and I apologize if you've already thought about it, to add a wood floor ground texture and to be able to apply ground textures to walls. Also, I miss the small furnishing item of the older version. Great job, keep doing what you're doing!

    May 27, 2019 at 23:49
  20. JadeRavens:

    Having trouble loading previously saved maps! When I click on Load, it just warns me that I've modified the map since I last saved, even when that's not true. Clicking Ignore or Cancel just dismisses the dialogue box and puts me back where I started. Am I doing something wrong? I'm in Safari.

    May 26, 2019 at 22:51
    • Sébastien Bénard:

      Thanks for reporting this problem, I'll have a look on Safari. Are you using a Mac?

      May 27, 2019 at 10:31