RPG Map 2 latest changes


  • Added a 32bits Windows build (available from page).
  • Fixed FR translation


  • Experimental auto-updater (Windows only) -- When a new update is available, you'll now be able to download and install it right from the app. Just hit the UPDATE button in the toolbar.
  • Fixed a critical bug with the last edited map path: after closing/reopening the app, saving the currently opened file was actually saving the map inside the RPG map folder, instead of its original location.
  • Icons/images popup is now docked to the right side and can scroll if needed, when you have many elements in your map
  • Re-organized the fields in the Icons/images popup
  • Eraser tool now also removes icons & images
  • Fixed Eraser revealing incorrect ground textures under walls
  • Fixed OnePageDungeon importer
  • Fixed AnaMap importer
  • Fixed picking of icons above stairs
  • Faster mouse wheel scrolling in side panels

16 -- The really BIG update

  • FEATURES -- This new update adds most of the top-requested features from the community:
    • Image export presets for Roll20 and Fantasy grounds
    • Import your own images and icons
    • Individual object colors
    • New "realistic" assets (tables, beds, chairs etc.)
    • Draft and Final Preview modes
    • Save/load your skin settings to apply them to multiple maps
    • Quick select and copy objects using ALT + left click
    • Thinner walls
  • Custom imported images -- It's finally here! You can now import your own images to place on your maps. It could be icons, logo or furniture, or whatever you could imagine. Files should be either PNG or GIF and they will be embedded directly in your map files.
  • Custom object colors -- You can assign unique colors to individual objects such as doors, furniture, rocks, windows etc.
  • Better Roll20 & Fantasy Grounds exports -- New presets in the Image Export window will allow you to produce images fitting your favorite virtual RPG apps.
  • Draft mode -- Pres TAB to switch between default render mode and the new Draft mode. This mode is super fast and works great for very large or complex maps.
  • Thinner walls -- All walls are now about 2 times thinner than before, making them look more natural when drawing buildings. The Thin Wall tool has been removed.
  • Realistic assets -- You can use the Icon/image tool to add realistic assets to your maps. More will be added in the future, but the current version offers beds, tables, chairs and carpets. You can also import your own images.
  • Quick select/move -- Hold ALT and click on any map element to quickly select the corresponding tool. This allows for MUCH easier edition, light settings. You can also MOVE object by dragging anything using ALT key.
  • Duplicate any object -- You can now hold CTRL + ALT keys to copy any object on a map: texts, NPC, furniture, trees etc.
  • Save and load skins -- You can export all your current map settings to a ".Skin" file which can then be applied to any other map made in RPG Map.
  • Extended flood fill -- You can hold SHIFT while using the Wall, Ground or Water tools to quickly flood fill entire area. You can even use this shortcut with the Ground Removal tool to quickly erase ground over an area.
  • Removed text icons -- A new tool allows you to add Icons/Images to your map. It replaces the icons integrated with Texts. Existing Text+Icon have been transformed into separate objects.
  • UI update & cleanup -- All the interface components were unified to be more consistent across the app.
  • Image export presets -- When exporting your image, you can now pick among presets for specific apps like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. If you need any extra formats, please contact me :)
  • The way the "Printer-friendly" (ie. white color painted all over the walls) mode has been completely reworked to be much cleaner and faster. It now follows all the walls properly, including diagonals.
  • The help window now stays in the bottom right corner and was completely redone.
  • Photoshop-style scrolling: Hold SPACE while dragging with left click to scroll the view.
  • You can now edit the intensity of any Light object.
  • Added new ground textures. The existing ones have been slightly lighten up.
  • Added a new skin preset named "Golden".
  • Added support for real fullscreen to browser version.
  • Added diagonal map resizing buttons.
  • Added an option to adjust the layer of Furniture, Dirt and Rocks (above or beneath walls).
  • Moved the "Move map" button to the tool bar.
  • Added an "Advanced customization" mode to the map settings to make it more simple for users who don't need it.
  • Added customizable secondary light color.
  • Painting ground textures now removes water as expected.
  • Fixed secondary wheels crashing the map (the whold was disappearing)
  • Disabled extra unused mouse buttons (fourth & nexts), as they could lead to unexpected behaviors.
  • Legend block can no longer be outside of the map area.
  • Fixed image export being cropped for lower zoom values
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut tooltips that included "MouseLeft"
  • Fixed Door and Window direction bug.
  • Fixed some undetected mouse click bugs.
  • Fixed incorrect mouse cursor in windows and panels.
  • Fixed some water rendering issues.
  • Updated all keyboard shortcuts in tooltips
  • Added some tool keyboard shortcuts
  • Added some light radiuses.
  • Slightly more compact Toolbar in 3-columns mode
  • Added a Cancel button in Export Image window
  • Added proper titles to all windows and panels.
  • Added CTRL-N shortcut for New Map
  • The "W" key shortcut is assigned to Walls instead of Windows
  • Updated example maps.


  • Added a new element: Bushes
  • Updated the "thin wall" icon
  • Optimized background and water rendering.
  • Small dirt aspect is a little more consistent: it no longer automatically change if there's dirt nearby. It stays small :)
  • Better "small dirt" sprites.
  • Fixed water color on OnePageDungeon importer


  • Updated the way water is rendered. It should now be easier to use bright colors on water pools: the visual result should be brighter, as expected :)
  • Fixed loading of black & white maps.


  • Added "wall shadows" customization to the Map Aspect panel.
  • Updated OnePageDungeon importer to support latest features.
  • Updated AnaMap importer ("large dirt" support & better skin)
  • Updated OnePageDungeon importer (better skin)
  • Updated DonjonBinSh importer (better skin)
  • Added more light radiuses.
  • Fixed lights looping on the left/right sides of maps.
  • Updated example maps.
  • Disabled global keyboard shortcuts while typing text.
  • Fixed map loading (sometime) not working on Chrome browser.


  • Fixed a crash with Cthulhu & Arctic example maps.

15 -- Custom colors

  • Custom colors -- Another long requested feature: all colors can now be completely customized! You can manually pick colors for walls, furniture, texts, lights, fog, grid, etc. Just click on the "palette" button near color choices to pick your own custom colors.
  • Collision Flood-fill tool -- This new tool allows you to fill large closed areas with collisions. Elements that block the lighting (walls, heavy furniture, doors...) will also block the filling.
  • Wall-snapping option for objects -- Low furniture, heavy furniture and crates can now optionally stick to closest walls. This option is enabled by default and can be changed from the Map Aspect menu.
  • Map file format -- JSON map files are now prettier (and easier to read if that's your thing). Also, a proper "header" was added to identify the files properly. This change is fully compatible with old files.
  • Added a new example map "Arctic Base" to demonstrate the new color customization settings.
  • Updated existing example maps.
  • Low Furniture are no longer semi-transparent. They are now slightly darker than Heavy Furniture to maintain the same overall aspect as before.
  • All user settings & data are now stored in the "userSettings" folder (in the app folder) instead of the old "_cookies".
  • Added a warning message when editing large maps.
  • Clicking on the a menu button while the actual menu is already opened now closes it properly.
  • Fixed collision skins (caverns & slopes) being weirdly affected when adding walls next to them.
  • Fixed files without extensions being "invisible" in loading dialog.
  • Fixed duplicate "close" button in About window.
  • Opening the "New map" window now closes any open panel.
  • Fixed some English typos.
  • Optimized map saving for large files.
  • Code cleanup & minor fixes

14 -- Grids and rulers

  • Unified map loading/importing -- The Import menu was removed. Now, if you press the Load button, you will be able to load any map file, and the file format will be auto-detected. You can load files from: RPG Map 2 (obviously!), OnePageDungeon, and AnaMap 1.
  • Rulers -- A new tool was added to measure rectangles (left click) or lines (right click).
  • New grids -- You can now use Dots, Ancient, Horizontal Hexagon or Vertical Hexagon grids!
  • Canvas dimensions -- The current size of the map is displayed on the borders.
  • The labels on the load/save/export buttons are now hidden by default. They can be re-enabled in the app Settings.
  • The Example panel now shows a preview of all the available maps.
  • Exporting an image without texts now properly applies to floating text bubbles.
  • It's no longer possible to move the map out of the screen.
  • Fixed the "Printer-friendly" render not updating properly
  • Fixed the undo/redo (broken by update 13, sorry!)
  • The zoom buttons & current tool help are now in the bottom left corner.
  • Zoom speed using mouse-wheel is a little more consistent between zoom levels
  • Added a "Clear recent files list" button
  • Updated some interface icons.
  • Many bug fixes.


  • Delayed lighting rendering -- When you add/remove elements that affect the lighting, the light is now only updated after a short delay. This provides a huge performance boost on complex or large maps.
  • Optimized the way the level is rendered to allow faster & smoother wall editing.
  • Added a small random horizontal & vertical offset to Trees.
  • Fixed invisible trees on web version.

13 -- Advanced skins & UI update

  • Advanced skins -- You can now customize tree, water & lava colors, and add a global color tint.
  • Interface update -- Many interface components were updated to fix user experience issues.
    • The toolbar can be displayed in 2 or 3 columns mode (3-columns is now the default, this can be changed in the Settings).
    • New Map Aspect panel: all these settings are now in a docked panel. You can scroll/zoom/move the map even if this panel is open.
    • App Settings are now stored in a panel ; you can access it from the top-right corner of the window.
    • Windows such as Text editor or Mob editor can no longer leave the screen.
  • New assets -- This update includes new Trees, new Dirt, and a new Heavy Dirt object!
  • Special waters -- Available water pools are now "Clear water", "Special water 1" and "Special water 2" (instead of water/lava). They can all be customized from the Map Aspect panel. So you may now add acid water pools, dark water and lava in the same map :)
  • "Light/Dark" grayscale skins -- They replace the old "Black & White". They can be combined with global tints for more effects!
  • New "Dark" skin -- This skin features black walls and steel colors.
  • New resize/panning -- Many optimizations when using Resizing and Panning options. They should now be much faster for large maps.
  • Added new fog colors
  • Many elements (dirt, trees, furniture...) can now be painted over the walls
  • Colorless lights in Grayscale mode are now really transparent
  • Texts can now have an optional drop shadow or an outline.
  • Updated the default aspect of maps imported from external apps.
  • Moved the optional "New Update" button to the tool bar
  • Bug fixes and some internal house-keeping
  • Updated all example maps


  • Removed debug message at the bottom of the screen.
  • Added a "New map" option to start with an empty map (no walls)

12 -- Mobile & tablet support

  • Touch & trackpad support -- The web version app now works properly with touch-enabled devices such as Android and IOS devices. The Windows version should also support trackpad on PC and touch screens on devices such as Surface Pro. You can now pinch to zoom or move the view using two fingers. NOTE: many large windows (such as Map Settings) won't fit on small screens.
  • One Page Dungeon -- You can import maps generated by the One-Page-Dungeon by Oleg Dolya (@watawatabou).
  • Moving & resizing map -- You can now move around your map in 2 different ways: click on arrows on the sides, or activate the "Move map" mode by using the dedicated button near the map (top left corner). If you hold and drag the arrow buttons, you will resize the map.
  • New map -- You can now adjust a few settings when creating a new map (the old "Destroy" button).
  • Get medieval -- Added a new Medieval font style.
  • Font color -- Added black font color option
  • Fixed interface scaling on mobile display.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Bubbles -- Text bubbles are a new display mode for texts. Think of it as an in-between display mode between inline text and legend-block texts. They will auto-position in empty spaces of your map. You can also manually move these bubbles and their skin can be personalized from the Map Aspect window.
  • New changelog window with scrolling support.
  • Updated example maps to demonstrate all the latest features.
  • Fixed icon + text alignment.
  • Better and AnaMap1 map importers (also added some eye candy).


  • New logo (^o^)/ -- I hope you like it :)
  • Added a new "greenish" light color.

11 -- Grids, UI, black & white

  • Cthulhu -- Added a new example map in the Import menu ;) R'lyeh!
  • Grids -- You can now configure the grid color, intensity and shape (squares or hexagons). The Grid options are now stored in your maps, so each map can have its own specific settings.
  • Main icon bar -- The main bar has been updated and sorted out. Buttons should be found in more logical locations. Your feedback is always welcome!
  • Move/Resize -- Inspired by the Ogmo 3 interface, you can now resize the map by simply DRAGGING buttons on the side of it. Instead of dragging, if you Shift+click these buttons, you can move around the whole level easily.
  • Printer friendly mode! -- This mode will fill plain walls with white to reduce the amount of ink needed to print a map. A long-time requested feature!
  • Fonts -- You can now freely adjust the font size (small, medium & large) for all available font styles (default, script, typewriter etc).
  • Black & white lights -- B&W skin can now have lights and fog.
  • Image export parameters -- You can now resize exported image and add some optional color contrast.
  • The way random elements such as trees, crates or fog are drawn has been slightly updated. Adding one of them should not alter other elements again. You can now randomize the "seed" of all the random elements from the Map Aspect menu.
  • Updated and cleaned up the About window.
  • Added Check pattern for grids (hexagons are coming soon!)
  • Fixed menu buttons repeating the same action twice.
  • Fixed "GM only" flag being lost on Undo/Redo.
  • Fixed missing ground textures near water/lava when moving the whole map around.
  • Useless options are grayed out in the map settings (i.e. fog options, while fog is disabled).
  • Many bug fixes.


  • Fixed a crash with OpenAL32.dll


  • Fixed the Undo/redo (at last!)

10 -- Game master only

  • GM Only -- Added support for texts & icons flagged as "Game Master only". When you export your image, if your map contains elements flagged as "Game Master only", 2 images will actually be exported: one with and one without these elements.


  • Fixed "abandoned" typo (twice).

9 -- Fog & darkness

  • Fog/Darkness -- You can now enable a global fog that will fill every part of the map without lighting. You can choose fog color and intensity, so it can be used to create "dark maps" with a black & intense fog :)
  • New title fonts -- You can now choose among various fonts for your large titles. The smaller fonts are not affected.
  • Added a new "Extra-Large" light radius.
  • Added a new light type that is invisible and which only purpose is to "pierce" the fog.
  • Updated all example maps.
  • Added import/export menu to reduce the main bar width.
  • Re-organized the file menu bar.

8 -- New furniture

  • High/low furniture -- You can now add 2 distinct types of furniture, so you can represent heavy objects (such as a large wardrobe), as well as smaller ones (such as chairs). Note that high furniture will block light like walls.
  • UI -- Updated the toolbar design & icons.
  • TSV import -- You can now import dungeons (TSV files) generated from "" website.
  • AnaMap import -- You can import dungeons (JSON or XML files) created using the old version of RPG Map 2 (formerly "AnaMap").
  • Fences now support crosses and similar layouts.
  • Fixed map not updating when painting lava over water.
  • Fixed the performance optimization.
  • Added a new example map: "Sci-fi Generator Base"
  • Added app logo to the "About" window.
  • Doors now properly block light, as before.

7 -- Optimizations

  • Performances -- Increased overall performances, especially when zooming a lot.
  • Lighting -- Revamped the lighting system to behave properly with diagonal & cavern walls.
  • Added a new intermediary light quality setting ("Medium") which is also now the default value. Warning: the HIGH setting is really CPU expensive and should only be used for rendering the final image.
  • When removing walls or water pools, the app will now try to guess the correct ground texture to use in this place.
  • Renamed "Load Map" button to "Import Map" in JS version
  • Update some icons in both UI & map.
  • Fixed icon alignment in text labels.
  • Added generic trap icon.


  • Hot lava! -- You can now add lava pools, exactly the same way as water pools.
  • "Small furniture" object -- A single small square object that can represent whatever you have in mind.
  • New icons -- I started re-working the placeholder icons, starting with save/load & a few others.
  • The Graveyard -- added a new example map
  • Fixed water pools + diagonals walls render.
  • Fixed water leaking through thin walls.
  • Fixed many minor rendering issues with water pools.


  • Fixed missing Water button :o

6 -- Water pools

  • Water -- One of the longest requested feature! Sorry it took longer than expected, but obtaining the expected result was more complicated than expected :) You can add/remove water blocks like everything else, the tool is available near Walls. Lava & other liquids should come in a later version.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added zoom buttons (that can be disabled in app Settings) for users that have issues with using the mouse wheel.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts: [+] or [PAGE UP] to zoom in, [-] or [PAGE DOWN] to zoom out and [*] or [HOME] to reset zoom.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts tooltip to all buttons that have one.
  • The keyboard shortcut for Enemies is now E instead of M.
  • Fixed help bar being displayed while empty.


  • On the Windows client, files saved with incorrect extensions are now properly renamed to have the correct extension (i.e. JSON, PNG, or JPG).


  • Much better stairs rendering.

5 -- Windows

  • Windows -- You can now add windows to your maps. They behave just like doors, except they can be added over existing collisions.
  • The app now automatically sets its language based on your system (only English & French are supported for now).
  • Added an option in "Export image" to hide texts and icons.
  • Added a "Contribute" window.
  • Clicking "Save" after loading an example no longer saves to the wrong file.
  • Fixed Legend layout for B&W skins.


  • Added path to Recent Files window. Each unique path uses a random color for easier readability.
  • Recent Files are now limited to 10 entries.
  • Added checks for missing files in Recent List.
  • "Save As" now properly adds to Recent List.


  • Added a recent file list to the Windows version (unfortunately, it cannot be supported on the HTML5 browser version).
  • Grid is now properly displayed when checking the option during image export.
  • Fixed "Cancel" button in the Download Map window.
  • Cursor is no longer visible on exported images.


  • More compact toolbar by placing buttons on 2 columns.
  • Added tips on toolbar buttons.
  • Added a small random offset to crates and updated their look.


  • Added collapse/expand buttons to changelog window.
  • Fixed lighting issues when moving/resizing map.
  • Fixed some UI scaling issues.


  • Fixed missing SSL.HDLL file.

4 -- Trees & stairs

  • Trees -- You can now add Trees all around your maps :) More generic objects like that are coming soon.
  • Stairs -- A long requested feature, you can now add basic staircase to your maps :)
  • Greatly optimized ground textures rendering (should improve performances while painting grounds).
  • Added support for objects blocking lights (doors & trees for now).


  • Updated the way you paint grounds (it's no longer possible to add ground under walls). This allowed me to fix a few rendering issues with diagonal walls and overlapping textures.
  • Added black & white cobble texture


  • Better ground texture rendering with Black & white skin
  • Added a new example map to illustrate Black & White skin
  • Bug fixes


  • version -- The client can now be downloaded from for free (Windows only for now)
  • Added multi-language support -- English and French for now, more will come during the Beta phase! If you want to contribute, you'll have full access to the language source files (requires the POEdit tool, or something similar)
  • Enhanced Black & White -- More contrast, disabled lighting and added specifically designed ground textures for this skin (this is not "final", work in progress)
  • The "Move to Legend" mode is now a distinct option from the text size.
  • Updated the Text Editor popup to make it cleaner and easier to use.


  • Under-the-hood changes to prepare for a downloadable version of RPG Map (coming soon!)


  • Added checkboxes
  • Added an option to disable Help at startup


  • Fixed BACKSPACE abruptly closing the client
  • Fixed UI scaling issues
  • Minor fixes

2 -- May 2019

  • New interface design -- Beautiful buttons and windows ^_^
  • Added Enemy markers ("mobs") -- You can add and edit enemies on your maps. If you add stats or descriptions to them, it will be automatically added to the Legend section of the map.
  • Quick copy -- Hold CTRL key when dragging an object (text, mob or light) to duplicate it.
  • Interface polish -- Updated many UI elements
  • New maps now have walls everywhere by default.
  • "Blueprint" is now the default map skin.
  • Added "Gold" light preset
  • Fixed texts disappearing sometimes
  • Tons of bug fixes

1 -- April 2019

  • Full HTML5 support -- The editor is no longer Flash-based and should work with any modern browser.
  • Special walls -- You can finally replace your regular square walls with cavern walls, slopes, etc.
  • Full-screen editor
  • Ground textures
  • Ray-casted lighting
  • Texts can now be drag & dropped
  • You can now auto-generate legends on your map with automatic numbering
  • Icons can be added on a map
  • Much more friendly UI