Strike of rage (48h version)

This is the original compo version of Strike of Rage, made in 48h. The differences are: no intro, really hardcore […]

Proletarian Ninja X

This game was made for the Ludum Dare 27 in 48h. The theme was: 10 seconds. The year is 1930. […]

Corporate Soccer 2

Corporate Soccer is a 2-4 players soccer platformer. It was developed in about 48h for the Retro NoFuture game jam. […]

Minnie & Malism: Budget squad!

Budget Squad is a two-ships shoot-em-up made in 48h for the Ludum Dare 26. The theme was “Minimalism“. “Soldiers! Defense […]

Atomic Creep Spawner!

This game was created in 48h for the Ludum Dare 25. The theme was “You are the villain“. A hero […]

Strike of rage!

My very first beat-em-up game, massively inspired by Double Dragon and Street of Rage! I hope you like it. What […]

Memento XII

This is my compo for the Ludum Dare 23 (theme: Tiny World). Day 4380 of your prison term. 12 years. […]

Last Breath

This is my compo for the Ludum Dare 22 (theme: Alone) This is the story of a dog trapped between […]

A tale about life, death and a loser

A short compo for the Ludum Dare 21 (thema : ESCAPE). This game was made within 9 hours (from Sunday […]

Appy 1000mg

I really enjoyed doing this one, even if I got lost completely on the first day, wandering between ideas. Finally, […]

Time Pigmy

Time Pygmy was developed for the Ludum Dare 19 competition. The theme was “discovery“. You are a pygmy from the […]