Part 4 – Localize texts using PO files

Translate your game texts easily.

Part 3 – Distributing a Haxe project

Package any heaps project easily using RedistHelper

Part 2 – Using GameBase to create an Haxe+Heaps game

An easy way to get started making a 2D game using Haxe + Heaps

The Level Design of Dead Cells

All the secrets of the procedural level-design of Dead Cells.

Part 1 – Installing Haxe + Heaps

From downloading to installing libraries, a guide to install Haxe for game devs.

Bresenham algorithm

A line drawing algorithm which is extremely useful in many situations!

A simple and generic 2D engine, part 2

A lightweight 2D collision system for all your needs.

A simple and generic 2D engine, part 1

A grid-based 2D engine which isn’t tied to any framework or platform.