Lost in pandation (jam version)

NOTE: this Flash game can no longer run on your browser. You need a Flash Player which isn't available anymore.

As an alternative, here is a downloadable version which will run on Windows.

Lost in pandation (jam version)
December 14, 2016
December 14, 2016

How to play

Compatible with X-Box controllers
Pick up / use
Drop item
Toggle music

A survival game with an iPanda, lots of snow, horrible creatures and a cable car.


  • your objectives: produce Oily Fruits to fill the Generator in the upper right corner, use the machine in the upper left corner to build Batteries, use Batteries in the slot on the right to escape :)
  • plant everything and maintain a good production at any given time
  • unlock the extra Pot as soon as possible
  • kill all enemies using the button above the Fire camp if submerged by them

Music by Volkor X!

Official LD page | Play original compo version | Download (Windows)

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