Beneath the city: the post-mortem

If you haven’t yet, I recommend you to play the game first. This article contains a few spoilers. This game […]

Purpose source code released

Purpose was a Ludum Dare jam entry, thus I wasn’t required to publish the source code. Anyway, someone asked, so […]

Beneath the City released

My Ludum Dare 29 (theme: Beneath the surface) is now available: Beneath the City. It’s a turn based stealth game […]

Proletarian Ninja X source code

You can download the source code here: Proletarian Ninja X (source code) You can also play the game here. Please […]

LD27: Proletarian Ninja X

The year is 1930. You are the Proletarian Ninja X. You fight the great capitalism with murder and violence. Peace is for the weak.

Corporate Soccer released!

Every day, during the 10am coffee break, Red Insurances and Blue Ventures struggle for domination abroad space station Corpo 117.

Gameplay video of Brutality (temporary name)

This is an action game I make for the platform. Your objectives are simple : kill enemies before they […]


We released GreenWitch on Arkadeo on Monday! The game is a violent cross-over between Gauntlet and a Tower defense. It’s […]

Teacher Story

After almost one year of hard work (and 2 reboots), we finally released Teacher Story, our turn based tactical RPG […]

Obsidian theme for Flash Develop

Based on the work from 01101101, here is an Obsidian theme for Flash Develop (great IDE for Haxe with native […]