Last Breath (extended version)
ARROWS - move and jump
SPACEBAR - skip messages
S - skip intro

Links: Official LD page | Play original 48h compo version | Source code | Timelapse

This is my compo for the Ludum Dare 22 (theme: Alone)

This is the story of a dog trapped between life & death. I can’t say much more, it would spoil the story :)

Post mortem

I had a really great time making this game! At first, I was disappointed by the theme: too guiding. Especially when you want to do a platformer. But then I experimented a few things. The engine itself was developed in 4-5 hours I think.

I spent lots of precious time on the sounds, especially because of the lack of good tools (except SFXR, but it proved to be quite repetitive for my 4th LD). Next time, I will prepare a small lib for this purpose.

The animation was a real pleasure :) I definitely LOVE pixel art animation!

Oh, and if you are interested in this kind of thing, here are 4 demos I made during the LudumDare weekend (pre-versions) : Demo 1, Demo 2, Demo 3, Demo 4.

Game tips

Don’t read the next chapter if you want to avoid SPOIL!

The Shadow follows all your steps. Use this to avoid it in dead ends! Each time you pickup a ball, the Shadow gets closer from you. Pick balls in tricky areas first.

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