LEd release notes

LEd release notes


  • Added F1-F6 key shortcuts for all editor panels
  • Updated JSON file format with some extra dev-friendly values
  • Added a JSON changelog file for devs working on importers
  • Add JSON changelog to app start page


  • Beta version!: LEd is now stable enough to be used in production and retro-compatibility will be guaranteed from now on.
  • Radius: Integer and Float entity fields can now be displayed as a radius around the entity (eg. a "lightRadius" Float value can now be displayed accordingly right in the editor display). See Samples for some examples.
  • Smart color use: if you have a Color field in an entity, it will be used when displaying various values in the editor (eg. having a "lightColor" field will affect the color of the circle around the entity).
  • Added support for tile spacing and padding in Tilesets images.
  • Entity Arrays can now be sorted manually
  • Entity tiles can now be displayed as "stretched" (default) or "cropped".
  • A preview of the "Perlin noise" is displayed while editing the settings of an auto-layer rule perlin.
  • Added mouse coords in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  • Updated appearance of selected entities
  • Added a field display option to use Enum tiles in place of Entity tiles
  • Added a new option for entities with count limits ("move last one instead of adding").
  • "Enhance active layer" option is now false by default (press A to toggle)
  • Entities can now be displayed as "Crosses"
  • Various UI fixes in "Compact" mode (when pressing TAB)
  • Fixed relative paths remapping when "Saving As" project
  • Fixed level resize issues which moved Entities and their Point fields in a strange way
  • Fixed panels/windows not closing during app update
  • Fixed SaveAs shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+S)
  • Better entity tile picking UI
  • Updated Samples
  • Bug fixes


  • Array of entity fields: any field type in an Entity can now be an Array. For example, you could have an Array of Enums to represent the items hidden inside a Cratebox entity. See Samples for some examples.
  • Point coordinates & paths: this new entity field type allows you to pick a grid coordinates. And if you combine this with the new Array support, you can even build paths of points! See Samples for some examples.
  • Added a confirmation when trying to update the app while having unsaved changes
  • UI tweaks & fixes
  • Added some click tolerance when picking entities
  • Swapped "Tileset" and "Enum" buttons in main toolbar
  • Fixed an infinite loop on undo/redo in some levels
  • Updated Haxe API
  • Bug fixes


  • "Pure" auto-layers: these layers only have rules and use a separate IntGrid layer as source for their value checks. Very useful to have a separate auto-layer that contains drop-shadows of walls, for example. You can have any number of pure auto-layers using the same single IntGrid source.
  • Grid lock (formerly grid snap) now uses L key shortcut instead of G
  • Grid visibility can be toggled using G key shortcut
  • Added SHIFT-R shortcut to show/hide all auto-layers
  • Updated sample projects
  • Updated "help" window
  • Added quick notifications for some user actions
  • Fixed render issues when deleting or updating auto-layer rules
  • Fixed Haxe API issues
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added some internal app logging for debugging purpose (no sensitive data, don't worry)


  • Auto-layers: IntGrid layers can now render themselves automatically by drawing tiles based on their content. You can create "patterns of IntGrid values" (called Rules) to decide when a specific tile, or group of random tiles, should appear. It can for example be used to:
    • add random grass or rocks on top of platforms,
    • add random ceiling props under platforms,
    • render ground/water/lava area,
    • etc.
  • Auto-layer rules can be organized in groups.
  • Samples: click on the Samples button on home page to load some example projects.
  • Smarter warning when deleting something in a panel. ie. If the value you're removing isn't actually used in your project, you will get a "softer" warning.
  • Large levels optimizations: started an important rework of the way levels are rendered on-screen to make room for future optimizations on large levels. For now, it's still recommended to work on levels with smaller dimensions.
  • Added a project option to minify the JSON file.
  • Smarter extern Enum sync: the removal of unused enums will be shown as low-risks operations.
  • Added perlin noise support to Auto-layers rules (a rule can apply to only a random area).
  • Changed version number to 0.1.x because no one could stop me from doing it
  • Better element sorting (levels, layers etc.) experience using SortableJS lib
  • Closing a panel with a color picker will now validate color before closing the panel.
  • Better viewport centering when opening a level.
  • Fixed 0-9 keyboard shortcuts while focusing a field
  • Fixed save/load notifications
  • Many UI/UX fixes
  • Bug fixes


  • Added nice movement animations to the tool palette when picking a value with the ALT+click shortcut
  • Reworked the code of the tool palette to be much simpler
  • Clicking an existing Entity now automatically picks it
  • Nicer pixel font for Rulers around the level canvas
  • Added 0 to 9 key shortcuts to quickly select layers
  • Added a convenient Edit link in Entity instance editor
  • Fixed CTRL-W shortcut (should only close current app page)
  • Added CTRL-Q shortcut to close the app
  • Added F shortcut to fit current level in screen
  • Fixed file path display in Enum panel
  • Fixed image path sometime disappearing in Tileset panel
  • Fixed load/save notifications
  • Updated home
  • Many minor UI polishing


  • Better Entity instance fields editor
  • Better auto-update UI
  • Enhanced ALT-click picking cursor
  • Fixed Changelog display on Home page
  • ALT+click picking no longer picks in other layers by default (you can hold SHIFT key to pick in any layer)
  • Fixed window closing not working sometimes
  • Added a brief notification when switching layers using picking
  • Code: Electron cleanup


  • Release notes: added release notes to app Home page
  • Adjusted grid opacity
  • Bug fixes
  • Dev scripts cleanup


  • Alpha release: this version is only for early testing & feedback purpose.
  • Auto updater: Added support for built-in Electron auto-updater
  • Packaged app with a NSIS setup
  • Added Changelog doc
  • Code: major GIT repo cleaning