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My very first beat-em-up game, massively inspired by Double Dragon and Street of Rage!
I hope you like it.

What was great:

  • I was really happy when the overall combat feeling! Diablo 3 inspired me a lot, they use many great & clever tricks to achieve this feeling.
  • the traditional beat-em-up gameplay is faithful to original models
  • I made a music (^_^)/ Well, I know it sucks and it is really basic, but I made one!
  • I was in coding fury on Saturday! Lots of work has been done in quite a short time!

What went wrong :

  • I couldn’t figure a game idea until Saturday morning, and thus lost lots of time
  • I wasn’t really efficient on Sunday : I lost myself in trivial detail, and didn’t work on important parts…
  • couldn’t make a decent ending

This leaves lots of room for a post compo version, so maybe I will work on that soon…

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  1. rabidmonkey987:

    Fun game until the last boss – way too many broken, cheap aspects. He can interrupt a combo, do damage when you’re knocked down, your knockdown time lasts far too long, and his ability to uppercut you after dodging close to him (only way I found to successfully approach him) makes it more frustrating than fun. Other than that the rest of the game was pretty fun; some kind of block or offensive dodge would have been a nice addition.

    Note: This was on the extended edition.

    February 9, 2013 at 20:37
  2. George:

    Awesome game! I like it

    December 6, 2012 at 15:02