Strike of Rage source code

The source code of the game is now available. Check the README.txt!  

LD24: Strike of Rage!

My very first beat-em-up game, massively inspired by Double Dragon and Street of Rage!

Ludum Dare 24

I’m in! :) I just hope that the kongregate contest won’t affect too much the LD “cool mood”.

Memento XII source code

  It took me few weeks to do it, but I finally posted my source code for my latest LD […]

Memento XII (minor fixes)

I posted an extended version of my latest LD game. You can try it here : play extended version. Changelog […]

Rock Paper Shotgun article (and timelapse)!

Woot! Someone at RPS made a really nice article about Memento XII :) Also, the Timelapse has been uploaded […]

Memento on IndieGames blog

Cassandra Khaw at IndieGames Blog wrote a very nice article about Memento XII :) A biiiiiiig “THANK YOU!” to her […]

LD23: Memento XII

Day 4380 of your prison term. 12 years. And many more to come.

Rock Paper Shotgun!

Woah! Someone posted a word about Last Breath on RockPaperShotgun T_T

Last breath (now with difficulty setting)

I posted a slightly extended version of Last Breath on my entry page. It only adds a difficulty option ;) […]